Thursday, September 22, 2011

THE YELLOW SEA (Korean) (2010)

The man who made promising debut with irresistible thriller ‘The Chaser’ back with another offering. A taxi driver struggling to settle his huge gambling debt and rough guys turned up to get the money so frequently. He was offered a contract killing task by a gangster in order to settle his debt. He has to settle two tasks in Seoul within few days- to search his unreturned wife and kill the man. Before his amateur plan to kill and search his missing wife fixes the things, he led himself dragged into crime mess.

Director Na Hong-jin passed the first hour of the film so well and I was so excited to see what's next after that edge on the seat thrill experience of that messy and twisted murder scene. But it’s a disappointment, the film loses its track in the second half and it absolutely loses the spark and thrill of ‘The Chaser’. Compared to that this one seems mediocre straight action entertainer with typical car chase and car banging like Hollywood commercial films. However, Hong-jin continues his trademark chase and graphic violence with ample knives and hatchet sequences. Seriously there is so much competition among Korean filmmakers to push the limits of brutal bloodshed and unimaginable graphic violence on screen that they do not left a thing for others. Hope next time Hong-jin return with something as brilliant as his debut!

Ratings- 6/10 

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