Friday, September 30, 2011


Wes Anderson’s this low budget independent American comedy brought lot of attention for its dry humor where characters are losers, oddballs and frustrated souls all packed in one. Though he brought out turn of the screwball fun to the screen in flashes, I don’t find it as amusing and delightful fun to watch as ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’. What I'm missing terribly here is brilliant writing of his later films and vibrant characters full of life with all whims and fancies.

Max Fischer is a geek student and he’s students’ magazine Editor, French Club President, Vice President of Stamps and Coins club, Debate team Captain, Baseball Team Manager, Astronomy Society Founder, Fencing Team Captain, Choirmaster and coveted with all other designations tags of extra curricular activities in the prestigious Rushmore Institute except being good in study. And now he wanted to explore his romantic side by having crush on his lady teacher. He got a rival too in form of Herman Blume, another oddball. After telling lies and character assassination to win the favor, he messed up so many things. Soon he expelled from the institute due to his weird new ventures and poor academic record.

Jason Schwartzman played Max and he brought the 15 years kid doomed by social skills. It has presence of wonderful Bill Murray; though I respect him as an actor, I didn’t like his character here much; the only impressive character I found is played by Olivia Williams as Miss Cross. Quite an average show for me.


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