Monday, September 19, 2011

OPEN YOUR EYES (Spanish) (1997)

‘We never appreciate the good moments until they’re over.’

Are moments of good memory that gives you pleasure more significant than the harsh unacceptable reality? Here’s a story of a handsome man who disfigured his face in an accident as soon as he fell in love. He is rich and ready to pay whatever amount to get his facelift from top doctors around the world but didn’t get result. Where one science fails other leaps up and soon he starts living the life looming between the unacceptable reality and perceptional virtual reality based on memories.    

Director  Alejandro Amenabar’s this intriguing and complex film baffles and involves active participation of the audience because he brilliantly played with versions of virtual reality (dream and memory) with struggling reality of the protagonist’s deranged mind and face. Undoubtedly the film is impressive and intelligent filmmaking combining psychological thriller with sci-fi that we have experienced in the cinema of Christopher Nolan and David Fincher during last decade. Both Penelope Cruz and Eduardo Noriega played their parts so well.  I haven’t seen its Hollywood remake ‘Vanilla Sky’ starring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, which some of the viewers considered better one but I think watching the original always turns out as the best option.


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Luv said...

Well, the Tom Cruise remake is horrible, in my opinion. It is so full of the star that is no good as a story.