Saturday, September 3, 2011


Rarely do we see the combination of unusual thrilling adventure journey based on true story set in arresting and captivating natural landscape. This chinese/tibetan film is absolutely visual treat to senses and at the same time striking journey of heroic Tibetan men of indomitable spirit. On 4700 meters high wilderness mountain plain of a snow-clad Kekexili, the machinegun clad poachers every year hunt nearly thousands of antelopes to trade their wool skins in international market. To protect the remaining extinct species and to combat the poachers a voluntary civil Tibetan patrol was formed in 1995 helmed by a retired Tibetan army man named Retai.  To cover the story of killing between poachers and patrol men, a news reporter from Beijing becomes part of the patrol men’s journey.

The film is absolutely stimulating and struggling journey to senses where situational ups and down of patrolmen are dominated by indifferent fate and inscrutable nature where human decisions are favorable or unfavorable at times with their paid price. Throughout the film we don’t find action of any unnecessary bloodshed or violence and at the same time it maintained the spirit of Tibetan culture intact. Director Chuan Lu deserves praise for bringing this riveting, impressive and yet detached real human drama and the cinematography is something which can challenge any well shot westerns.
Highly recommended.


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