Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Usually I hate to watch silly teen romance or comedies but I would love to watch something refreshing and delightful like this coming of age British comedy drama about an atavistic teenager. From its very beginning it sucks you into the character of Oliver Tate. Everyone at school bullies him and teased him calling gay. He is absolutely normal though but contemplative one who prefers his own company and loves reading a dictionary He got a crush on sweet but quite unromantic Jordana. He has two missions of immediate attention- to lose his virginity and save his mother from affair with next door mystic weirdo neighbor Graham the ninja. His father is marine biologist and the noble man who neglected reflecting upon self accepted imperfection to relationship with his wife. Oliver understands this because he’s more like him.

Told brilliantly in first person narrative and smartly written and directed by Richard Ayoade, the film is finest feel good film, I’ve seen after long. Alex Turner’s soulful renditions are so refreshing and soulful that I like to download and listen OST of the film for a quite some time.

Recommended refreshment.


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