Tuesday, December 1, 2009


David Cronenberg never makes a film which just remains as consumer item that you see for few hours and forget, rather it’s opposite. He’s auteur who covers boiling tension with those gory violent images and unusual characters which stays in your mind for longer time. This film is another proof of his talent. The plot revolves around the Russian mob in London trafficking prostitution. An underage girl was raped and died soon after giving birth to a child. Her secret diary written in Russian co-incidentally came to notice by a nurse named Anna. As she tries to explore the secret, she and her relatives got entangled in the intriguing sub plot of secret Russian crime syndicate named Vory V Zakone means thieves by the code.

The scene stealer of the film is Viggo Mortensen in his academy nominated leading role of Nikolai, the driver of Russian Mafia’s spoiled brat and he’s real fire crackle here. He really worked hard to absorb into the vein of character and without much exaggeration I must say that it’s his career best act with flawless and intense method act. It’s not often actors get such a powerful role and the credit surely goes to Cronenberg for discovering boiling actor inside him. Naomi Watts has fairly brought emotional subtleties to her character and she’s again fine casting along with other European actors.
Its contrast of cold bloodedness of crime with some of the body mutilated gory violence that’s striking about this film. The blood bath of violent climax with explicitly nude tattoo clad Viggo is one of the finest sequence that stays in mind much after the film is over.

Highly Recommended.


Sushanta said...

I think this film is one of the most violent film without much of any fight sequences. The violence was latent throughout the film but one can get the jitters as the story progresses..

HIREN DAVE said...

hi sushanta..nice to read your comment after a long time.agree with your view and infact its true with almost every david cronrnberg directed film..I've seen just two or three of his films.
Few which i would like to recommend you-