Saturday, December 5, 2009

PAA (2009)

Doing different, unusual and challenging isn’t generally repertoire of Bollywood actors except South India’s crowning glory Mr. Kamal Hasan. We don’t expect it from commercial run-of- the mill actors but this year’s big surprise comes from none other than India’s most adorable entertainer/actor- Mr Amitabh Bachchan.
Meet India’s 12 years old, Progeria suffering ‘Glorious Basterd’, Auro. He will surprise you and make you fill all the roller coaster ride of all possible human emotions with his childish innocence, curiosity and sense of humour. After couple of commercial typecast roles, Big B has accepted really a tough and challenging role to carry on screen. Under the unlikely make up, overhead camera shots and changed voice modulations, he’s not having anything routine on his disposal to woo the audience and still he makes you smile and cry with your heart out. This is something we can’t expect from Big B and he surprised us with his act. Once again he sincerely deserves both audience and critical appraisal.

Director R. Balki is man of advertising and knows very well how to sell concept through idea. The day he claimed to make a film where Big B plays son and Abhishek plays his father just garnered enough curiosity and publicity much before he complete the film. I enjoyed his debut ‘Chini Kum’ for it’s simple and yet refreshing light hearted unusual love story. Without making much fuss, I must say that ‘Paa’ lives up to my expectations. Thank you Mr. Balki for this satisfying experience.

The story is just tale of reunion between father and son but more than story it’s presentation which rules your hearts here.Like his earlier film, this film too has all those light moments, funny one-liners, emotional underplay of feel good cinema. Along with Senior Bachchan, the Junior Bachchan too proved that he’s fine actor to look forward if offering intense roles. In his Rahul Gandhi like young generation leader role he displays fair interplay of facial expressions without being extra loud anywhere and balancing his character. Vidya Balan is not much likely choice for glossy glamour magazines and page 3 party pooper celebrities for her common girl next-door look but she’s wise choice for all sensible directors who expect an Indian face of strong woman(seriously missing in current bollywood). How many actresses can take up a challenge to be Big B’s mom on screen and then live up the character? Yes, she too deserves clap here. But the highlight of the film is Mr. Bachchan and all his fans will love to see him in this unusual avatar.

The reunion of both Sr. & Jr. Bachchan is the heart and soul of the film, though Balki could do it better if he skipped few drag moments in editing. The chemistry of both father-son is scene stealing. Maestro Illaiyaraja has composed some fine melodies, especially the theme tune. The interplay of Auro and his school mates, especially his close friend Vishnu is something we all love to laugh. Is that Balki who penned those cheesy lines!!!

Go and watch ‘Paa’ this weekend…it will surely make you laugh…and cry…without much disturbing your sensibilities.

Ratings- 8/10

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