Friday, December 25, 2009

AVATAR (2009)

So finally I manage to get the ticket and sharing my experience here…
Like everybody else my expectations were high from this film. It’s not due to its rave reviews which I read or the buzz it creating all around the world but because I love to watch Cameron films repeatedly any given day without counting numbers and he’s the man who gave us those magnificent screen experiences and he’s back after 12 long years major gap.

James believes in larger than life picture and filmmaking at monumental scale which comes with great price. He took great length of time in telling this magnum digital saga and burned around 500 million $ to sum it up. We visualized it in his earlier great films like ‘Terminator 2’ or ‘Titanic’ and he applied lot of creativity in creating the world of Pandora of his own imagination with revolutionary path breaking digital effects here too.
Opulently striking use of Blue, a different race, cross hybrid creatures of dino-dragon-horse varying to shapes and sizes, glowing plants, dense and mysterious forest and again a love story between two characters. It’s all there. Infact most of the film is almost photorealistic digital experience with spectacular achievement in terms of technological boon to Hollywood Cinema. But it doesn’t surpasses anywhere to the spellbinding experience to Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.

Where is that great Cameron hero? When Arnold said, “I’ll be back” in ‘Terminator 2’, we crave to watch him next or when Jack saves Rose against all odds or says “I’m the king of the world” in ‘Titanic’, we just can’t stop loving them for long time once we came out of cinema halls with ‘Wow’ feelings. Sorry Cameron, that feeling I seriously miss in your digitalized Jake/ Na’vi avatar.

Another disappointment comes in form of plot or story telling. It seems that James has used all his head in creating Pandora but not in the treatment of plot or screenplay which is so ordinary. Behind all those visual opulence he failed to raise the bar here. ‘Avatar’ bears lot of similarity with ‘Matrix’ in execution but ‘Matrix’ was more original and intriguing experience than Cameron’s this sci-fi adventure. With amazing spectacular special effects Cameron hasn’t delivered any higher message out of the box. Enough has been said about Men plus machine or Men Vs Machine and ‘Avatar’ doesn’t have anything special to add in this regard. It’s solely made with the purpose to entertain the audience like any other Hollywood mammoth productions which it serves and delivers to pull the mass target audience.

For me it’s quite disappointing experience of the year.
It reminds me that wise saying- “All that glitter is not gold.”

Ratings- 6/10


Luv said...

One of the rare reviews of Avatar that I agree with!

Thumbs Up for the courage to say it, when almost everyone is giving the film 4-5/5.

As I said in my review...filmmaker had to use the word processor a lot more

Aditya Tibrewala said...

i dont agree. Although everything may seem to be plain jane, the only reason why i loved the movie was because of planet pandora and the fact that you actually dont mind watching the destruction of the human race. Its a rare gem of a movie.

Digant said...

have u seen this movie in 3D?

HIREN DAVE said...

no man..have seen it in our available kohinoor...poor choice for somebody living in patan

radical_atom said...

i completely agree with your review of the movie...! despite the fact that i watched this movie in did't work for me..the great feeling of elation that hovers around you after watching a great movie...simply didn't come. To me this movie is an average entertainer...since i've seen a lots of better movies than terms of script, acting and visual effects. Its no match for LOTR series..