Friday, December 25, 2009

UP (2009)

It’s not only brilliant animation only but fine story telling with beautiful moral and memorable characters which makes the animation the dearest experience for all ages and Disney-Pixar team and Director Pete doctor have done great work here. These guys deserve salutation. There’s no doubt about its probability of winning Oscar for Best animation Film of the year.

In just initial few minutes the whole life of Carl Fredrickson from his wedding to old age sweeps us like watching those beautiful silent era films. Now he is a retired old gentleman living his lonely existence with fond memories of his wife’s unexplored adventure book. To fulfill his wife’s adventure dream he’s up on journey with his house tied with flying balloons. Above all what we miss the most when we’re out on adventure or travel trip for long? It’s touchiest moment of revelation for Carl to turn the pages of his beloved wife’s Adventure book which taught him a beautiful lesson of life that it’s life itself which is the best adventure. Helping others is the second adventure he materialized with company of Russel, Kevin and Dug in his journey to Paradise Falls.

Up is a fine animation film which balances sentimentality of story and adventure entertainment side by side and makes you believe that “Adventure is life.”

Ratings- 8/10

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