Monday, December 28, 2009


“I don’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build.”
Have you met a man of unflinching integrity and absolute individuality in this opportunist world where submit or rule is the options to survive in conformist society? Here’s an architect who stands all alone against the whole world to prove his individual mind. It’s not hero alone who’s stand out character here. Here’s a heroine who’s seeking absolute freedom: to want nothing, to expect nothing, to depend on nothing. Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal and Director King Vidor had made alive the greatest all-time literary classic of Ayn Rand on this brilliant screen adaptation. It’s immortal landmark tale of uncompromised individualism on all stakes.

Architect Howard Roark has heard the voices of safety, convention, compromise but he’s the man of integrity like his solid structural plans. And he doesn’t mind sacrificing everything- even the women he loves or the project he blows when others interfere with his design to maintain his signature impression in the world of lockstep conformity. Here you are witnessing the life story of a man as solid as rock ready to fight a lone battle from beginning to end, from uptown office to granite quarry to court room finale with all his freedom of spirit and that’s his towering achievement.

There’s so many great moments and lines which I love so much. Here’s one of them. When a powerful architect met Roark and confessed that it’s he who’s responsible to destroy his career and fighting against him is the motive of his life, so what he’s thinking about him personally and Roark replied so subtly- “But I don’t think of you.” So subtle words!!! I haven’t read the original novel by Rand though having its copy since long due to its bulky 900 pages something size but now I’m so desperate to read it.

‘Has man any right to exist if he refuses to serve society?’ In order to know the brilliant reply consists with Ayn Rand’s individualistic philosophy watch the brilliant court room finale speech by Roark and you would become Ayn Rand fan. Its great words of wisdom about ‘Individualist against the collective’ that you love to contemplate time and again all your life.

It’s kind of a film which changes the way you look yourself and society.

Ratings- 9/10 (I resist to give it 10 since its Ayn Rand’s original book that deserves it)

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