Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Based on true story of world war era Germany, the film focuses on one of the greatest counterfeiting attempts of the history. The film won Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2007.
Solomon Sorowitsch aka Solly was the best counterfeiter of currency. He’s the shrewd, sharp and the most wanted Jew of Nazist Germany because he can perfectly counterfeit anything-passport, documents, and bank notes of any country. When he got nabbed by Berlin cops, they offered him to counterfeit pound and dollar to survive. He’s specialist and gets above ordinary treatment from SS and his perfection of art was so astute that even official Bank of England after testing declared the fake notes as cent percent legal ones. Such a master craftsman he is! But soon he assigned task to counterfeit dollar and it’s during this task he felt the humiliation and oppressive tyranny from German officers.

Karl Markovics has really etched out the character of Solly with all his facial expressions and body language and it’s indeed watch worthy performance. It’s really well made film till the end. Well, I’m expecting some fine twist in the end as I almost forgot that it’s based on fact not fiction.


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