Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 IDIOTS (2009)

It’s hattrick time for Raju & Vidhu Company!!!
They again successfully hit the nail of entertainment for third consecutive time and gave another crowd pulling feel good film of the year. No matter if you have read/not read the Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Five Points Someone’, Hirani brings you a version packaged with three loose cannons, quirky humor filled with chill out gags and loads of fun and sentiments. Like his earlier Munnabhai enterprise here too he brings back those feel good moments of joy and cry which surely makes it blockbuster film at the year end.

Undoubtedly it’s Aamir who’s the most highlighted character and almost the USP of the film as expected. It’s film where without being anybody’s method skin he lets his own personal cool characteristics flow naturally with wit, fun, humor set in a motion on screen and my god he’s great charmer at this age…it’s wake up call for King Khan.
Aamir in his Rancho act looks lot younger than his debut QSQT and he retains his cap of ‘one film a year that sweeps all others’. Though Sharman & Madhavan performed well, they almost overshadowed by Aamir’s overwhelming highlighted presence. Kareena has not much to share except remaining ingredient of fair sex. But the great fun comes from debutant Omi who played Uganda-Pondicherry mismatch ranker of the campus.

Hirani has used many clichés of his earlier Munnabhai films here too and almost carried the whole film on same platform with emotional undertones. For example- ‘Jaadu ki Jappi’ and ‘Gandhigiri’ replaced by ‘All is well’, Boman again shows his idiosyncratic characteristics like earlier ones, Medical college replaced with Engineering one, ups and downs of college ragging, short cut names of side characters like ‘Virus’, ‘Millimetre’ and lots of sentimental moments. It’s here where film becomes so familiar and humor seems so predictable, stuffed and episodic ones. Emotional scenes of Munna-Cicuit camaraderie or father-son reunion are still closer to my heart where here they all seem quite flat and loose ones without much synchronization. There’s lot of chance for Hirani to use free play of everyday humor of campus life but he remains stick to his formulaic drama. These are the few points which made it ‘seen it all’ experience.

But above all it’s a film made to serve Christmas present of the season and I don’t want to do much post mortem of it by applying my head. It doesn’t fail to entertain either mass or class and there lies the whole purpose of this film. It’s rollercoaster ride of fun, humor and drama to savior with family and friends. It has all the ingredients to blow the screen and charm the audience.

Ratings- 7.5/10 (add one more if u sideline few critical remarks put by me)


Mitul said...

ofcourse i like to add one more point in it.Yup i m agree with u that sharman & madhavan both played awesome role but overshadowed by amir's character.Even i can give full marks to "CHATUR".he is a fantabulous in movie.I loved to watch it again if i can get chance.......

Chintan said...

yes i am agree with u about the character played by omi i specially liked his acsent. and give such a performance against such seasoned actors like aamir, madhvan & sharman its really cool.and his character was important too. it truely describes what todays educational system produces.