Sunday, December 13, 2009


The difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says, 'Go!' -a leader says, 'Let's go! –E M Kelly

Business is not about meddling figures and graphs of closing sales or selling products and concepts but serve and deliver the customer what you promise. At the end of the day its happiness on the face of customer which makes your business prospers. For corporate world ‘Rocket Singh’ and his sales and service policy is next to impossible in today’s profit driven cut throat competitive market. Because what he’s doing is not called business as per his boss and partners. Though what he has done opens the eyes of his thirty years experienced boss and it’s a still a basic funda that he missed to learn in sales.

Here’s a slice of plot without any spoiler. Harpreet Singh is good for nothing just another graduate with 38% grade and he is dreaming about salesman. He faced interviews and got selected as trainee in an ensemble computer selling company. Unlike others, he is not ready to sacrifice his honesty or self for the sake of money or sales. To add insult to injury he even cracks the long relationship with a client. His life becomes full of insulting adjectives from all around and he conceives an idea of service and sales just unthinkable.

Three talented creative men delivered a product which is hard to resist. Director Shimit Amin is just redefining the various genres of Hindi cinema. His debut ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ was gripping and powerful ‘Cop Encounter’ film, the second ‘Chak De India’ is one of the few finest ‘Sports Film’ made in India and now it’s a film about ethics of salesmanship. Another major credit goes to Jaydip Sahani who not only conceived such a story but also penned praiseworthy screenplay and striking dialogues of the film. The third praise goes to rising star/actor who’ll surely and steadily rule the Hindi cinema and he’s making his presence felt with impressive acts one after another. Harpreet aka Rocket Singh is just like your neighborhood middle class young Sardarji on his scooty dreaming success.In his well nuanced act of nice guy, Ranbir is just perfect and real wise choice for this role. Apart of Ranbir, all the other actors, except Prem Chopra, are just unknown that I don’t know their names even but they all are just part and parcel of salesman’s everyday life- profit hungry boss, sales hungry and foul mouth manager, know it all smart ass office peon, seductress like desk girl, bikini babe obsessed lazy service technician and good for nothing MBA salesmen. They all seem real characters than anything else. A brilliant casting with equally brilliant story telling.

The film would be more fun if edited few repeated anecdotes. But keeping that one flaw sideline I must say that it’s one of the finest big surprise of the year. Immaterial to success or failure, it will surely gain cult status from audience. Buy this product…

Ratings- 8/10

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shrutam vijay desai said...

i was thinking to go for the da movie, but after reading the review i dont think,i would be going any more.
but am sure, this movie will be hit on box office, considering our mentality to associate ourselves with any film. long live the sales pressure !! - after spending almost 5 years in sales, only i know, how much relaxing am feeling after leaving the sales function. cheers !!