Saturday, December 12, 2009

SUSPIRIA (Italian) (1977)

The scary night full of incessant rain and thunderstorm welcomes Suzy as soon as she land up in Germany to learn dance from one of the world famous academy. The dance school is mysterious having weird looking characters and inmates and it becomes scarier for skeptic Suzy to survive. Don’t want to spoil such fine horror by revealing more, better you experience on your own.

Director Dario Argento reminds us that horror is above all experience to feel. Unlike other typical horror, the film switches gear to a mysterious masked world of killers which brilliantly set up the vibes of unpredictable horror. It bears somewhat resemblance to Polanski’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. But its exceptional value lies in its atmospheric horror of intense audio-visual shocks. The film bears absolutely brilliant background score for horror film. The use of color red is striking one- blood, buildings, nail polish, dresses, and shades of lighting. Why it’s not in IMDB Top 250 is question! It’s mandatory for all who love ‘horror genre’.


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