Thursday, December 24, 2009


1933 is the 4th chaotic year of Great American Depression and it’s indeed a golden age of bank robbery which made John Dillinger the most sought after name in Chicago crime world. Government and Cops had wasted more taxpayers’ money in pursuit to catch Dillinger & gang than the money robbed by them. Director Michael Mann has almost done fine research and successfully captured and recreated the period of 30s with A grade settings & production value. Cop and thief thrill play is expected and Mann has delivered that too with almost forgotten Tommy gun action sequences.

Among actors Johnny Depp remains scene stealer and has delivered what we expect from an actor like him. Dillinger’s role surely suits his personality and he brought the character with all his behavioral temperament. I just googled the image of Dillinger and surprisingly Depp has much similarity on screen. Depp surely get nomination for Best Actor in coming Oscar. As smart and honest FBI cop Marvin, Christian Bale also maintained his character with whatever screen time offered to him. Marion Cotillard is beautiful actress but here she has nothing special to perform except being Dillinger’s girlfriend.

Mann’s this film is one of the keenly awaited films of the year and almost received mixed opinions from critics and viewers. Mann has credit of making some finest crime thrillers. The drama between lead players here isn’t as brilliant as ‘Heat’ or as intense as ‘The Insider’ but hey we forget that it’s action that speaks louder than words in gangster film. I can’t deny that it’s well made film of the year and one can’t neglect it.
Worth Watch.


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