Friday, April 2, 2010


A very unlikely dark tragedy from Woody Allen resembles much with Sydney Lumet’s underrated family crime tragedy ‘Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead’. Two brothers running short of hard cash, one is compulsive gambler & drunkard; the other too ambitious and madly in love with a dame. Their rich uncle came to help them but in return he needs their favor to settle a score of his rival. Initially they refuse it; but soon their need wins over their conscience. The rest film follows their struggle to commit the first crime of their life and its aftermath.

The film has lagging first half, besides there is no light moments at all what we usually expect from any Woody films. It’s more like those dark Greek or Shakespearean tragedies where blind ambition, guilt, dilemma plays pivotal role in making or breaking of the protagonist. Both Colin Farrell and Ewan Mcgregor acted their parts with utmost sincerity. Watch how one crime lead to another in the final fifteen minutes full of twist and tension, ended up with unfortunate family tragedy.


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