Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Fellini made his most personal semi autobiographical film based on director’s block and it becomes masterpiece. Woody Allen is great admirer of Fellini and he gave many clues of it in his films. Perhaps his personal neurotic characteristics compelled him to make similar kind of film on writer’s block. Deconstructing Harry is his flawed attempt for many reasons. Its absolutely unlikely Woody film where there’s no space for character development like his some of the fine films based on tangled affairs i.e.- 'Manhattan', 'Annie Hall', 'Hannah and her Sisters'. It’s neither hilarious comedies like 'Sleeper', 'Play it again, Sam' nor its psychologically strong like ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’.

The script is abrupt, too loud and full of unnatural incidents based on almost caricaturized characters. From very beginning to end it failed to impress me because neither in content nor in style it seems like Woody film. Even Woody as a main lead seems like one of stockpile characters. I literally scratch my head in the middle of the film and asked myself why on earth he made such a pathetic film hard to tolerate.

A very disappointing Woody affair.


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