Sunday, April 18, 2010


It’s an unexpected and unlikely surprise from the director whose fort is violence. Psychological thriller is the least thing one can expect from Director Martin Scorsese. Here’s his honest attempt to make one compelling mind thriller and it’s the closest to some of the finest one I’ve ever seen. Shutter Island is like a complicated puzzle where viewers are baffled and lost in the convoluted rigmarole of illusion and reality of the protagonist played by Leonardo Di’Caprio. Like David Lynch and Roman Polanski’s some of the great psychological thrillers, it involves us in the intriguing way maintaining jigsaw puzzle like structure of narration trapped between reality and hallucination.

Here’s a man who’s investigating a case of a man disappeared from psychiatric hospital at remote island where he mixed up with personal psychological trauma led him losing control of his mind. It’s murdering a film if you read anything further prior to watch the film so I’d avoid spoiler here. Watch the characters closely to grasp it fully; the least I can suggest to those who haven’t explored much of psychologically delusive cinema. Scorsese-De’Caprio have already proven their great combination and here again they delivered flawless film in direction and acting. Supporting cast is too strong with actors like Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley and Max Von Sydow. Technically too the film remains as impressive as Scorsese’s earlier films.

Undoubtedly impressive film of the year.


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Yes i do like this movie