Tuesday, April 20, 2010


How often you come across a film where all the characters belong to a family is on screen from beginning to end pushing forward the sweetest & youngest member fulfill her dream. Here is a bunch of eccentric, confused, weird characters belong to a single family. A foul mouth grandpa, a gay uncle who didn’t make out even his suicide, a brother who refused to talk from years, a father who’s brainstorming others to win but can’t help self or his own family and a working mom who lost control over her family. In short they all are losers and the only hope in their lives is a sweet little bespectacled girl named Olive who’s crazy about participating in Miss Little Sunshine Pageant. And here starts a journey in a van, count it as another character. The journey is full of many personal loss and obstacles, adding an insult to injury. It’s toughest thing to win the competition for sweet Olive. Will she win or she’ll lose?

Well, perhaps more than winning and losing; its transforming which matters most in life. The most wonderful thing about this light hearted drama is its brilliant screenplay and characters who initially seems like caricatures but not improbable. Almost all ensemble actors have performed their parts with sincerity and great restraint but the heart of the film is Olive. From their journey of road trip in a yellow van to dancing ‘The girl is Super Freak’ on stage it’s just a fine feel good film. For the family where togetherness just sucks; the journey of emotional compulsion makes them open up towards better sunshine.

If avoided verbal profanity it would be a great entertainer for kids too.

Catch it.


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