Thursday, April 15, 2010


The husband, the wife and the intruder; it’s a cliché formula of many social dramas that bollywood had produced till day but Chandan Arora’s this film is refreshing experience due to its central character Mithilesh and his inherent inferiority complex and flaw that constantly made him felt that he’s undeserving hubby who got fair, taller and smarter wife. The rest is his psychological struggle to pamper his own ego and urges dominated by the presence of tough intruder in his happily married life.

Everything from story telling to characterization seems so natural and convincing here. I am just awestruck watching Rajpal Yadav’s act here, who’s generally plays funny sidekick in routine bollywood films. His performance here is one of the most natural and unexpected non star act I’ve seen in a long run. Mind me that not in a single frame of the film it seems that he’s acting. It’s a role perfectly tailored for him. There’s always no question about Kay Kay Menon’s acting. Another fair part of the film is Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta and she’s another reason enough to watch this film. Not so often we meet such a small town educated, refine, mature and lively better half in our routine escape entertainers.

Director Chandan Arora’s film is treat and it reminds me Hrishida and Basuda kind of filmmaking. His last ‘Striker’ was one well attempted try lost with messy second half. Hope he’ll make more films like MMPAW.

Watch it for refreshing natural flair of all three main characters.


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