Tuesday, April 6, 2010


‘What you doing on Saturday night?’
-‘Committing suicide.’
‘What about Friday night?’

The film is Woody Allen’s finest & funniest tribute to great Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart and classic ‘Casablanca’. The film was based on Allen’s self scripted play, directed on screen by Herbert Ross. More than idolizing he used Bogart as a guiding sidekick to upstart his already doomed pathetic life. Woody is at his wackiest best here!!! He plays insecure eternal neurotic loser obsessed with Bogart and having mental company of him. He’s messing up all available dates and ended up with his best friend’s wife. Watch the scene how get closest to the most romantic moment of his life with Diane Keaton and the early chemistry looks so young and refreshing one.

It’s a film where Woody treated the whole film with light and funny notes and less philosophizing. It’s raw Woody before he smelled the success of his bittersweet romance ‘Annie Hall’ or classy ‘Manhattan.’ Allen strikingly compared his uncommon weird persona which brings original self style much like Bogart. Watch the last scene where Bogart look-alike delivered that great line to disillusioned Woody - ‘Here’s looking at you kid.”

Another strong recommendation of great fun for all Woody Allen lovers.

Ratings- 8/10

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