Friday, April 16, 2010

KANCHIVARAM (Tamil) (2008)

As per an ancient Hindu myth, wearing silk regarded pious in two Hindu customs. One is at occasion of marriage, another at death. But it’s ugly fact of early history that a silk weaver can only weave silk, not wear it in his lifetime. The film begins focusing on a middle aged handcuffed man in a police van. The movie shifts in flash back and flash in and told the struggling life story of Vedangam to get a piece of silk cloth to fulfill his promise. His father wove silk all his life, yet when he died he didn’t get even small piece of silk. Vedangam followed his patriarchal skill and promised his wife and his first born daughter a silk dress on the occasion of her marriage. Everybody laughed at him for making such a ridiculous promise which he can’t fulfill. He went through many blows one by one. Leftist ideology drew him initially but as soon as his selfish need becomes dominant, he became traitor for other fellow comrades. The last scene is simultaneously so edgy in satire and so dark and poignant that it makes us compel to think- Can life be so cruel?

Prakash Raj is discovery for me and for many Non South Indian film lovers. I didn’t know anything about him till he won National Award as Best Actor for this film. He’s known as one of the finest method actor of Telugu and Tamil cinema. I’ve read that his versatility is so natural that he can do equal justice to comedy as well as negative or any sort of character roles. I watched flashes of it in Salman starrer ‘Wanted’ where he played Gani bhai. But watching him here I must confess that he truly deserves National honors. The only other actor I can replace him here is Kamal Sir. I’m eager to watch his ‘Iruvar’ where he worked with Mohanlal and both of them won Best Actor and supporting actors trophies for it. Hope I get the torrent with subtitles files.

Though the subject is quite melodramatic in tone; Writer-Director Priyadarshan brings the lighter moments of life along with natural lifelike performances of supporting cast in the film. Like some of his well made films, the characters and settings seem so relevant and natural. His detailing to bring authenticity of 50’s South Indian village seems so conspicuous in all frames; a pat on back goes to Thiru’s DOP. Priyadarshan made some of the fine films before he drew into popular comedy entertainers with ‘Herapheri’ enterprise in Hindi cinema but here he’s back with his forte; making a film which puts him in the rank with India’s shining directors.

Mandatory watch for all those who haven’t explored Prakash Raj.


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Nagi :-)) said...

Very Nice review bro :-). he should be making more such movies like this. There are many people who can do the regular piece of commercial cinema. there are not even an handful of people to do these kinds of movies. I wish Priyadarshan Ji does more of these kinds of movies which we can proudly call a world cinema...