Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The film version of Khaled Hosseini’s critically acclaimed and popular novel retained the original lines, narration and theme. Having read the novel I must say that director Mark Forster has almost faithfully adapted it on screen retaining most of the authenticity of original work with almost touching approach but still reading the book is more effective tracing the characters in our minds than on screen.

The film is about seeking redemption of one’s past mistake due to cowardice and the irremovable guilt attached with it. The devotion of friendship by an illiterate, slave Afghani minority boy Hassan with rich, affluent and reticent Amir is something so deeper in Hosseini’s this moving novel. Though most of the cast is relatively new, all of them gave balanced acts. I want to praise Mark for the perfect casting of child Hassan and shooting the key sequence of Hassan’s self sacrifice for his friend such a moving way. Both the characters bear huge dichotomy in terns of inherent characteristics as well as economic and social positions. The only area where the film fumbles is editing.


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Luv said...

the fate of the child artists...
wonder what could have been done to avoid such consequences.