Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SLEEPER (1973)

‘Sleeper’ is Woody Allen’s absolutely mindless comedy that you love to avoid minding at all. It’s one of his early funny film. Unlike his philosophical and tangled relationship based humor post ‘Annie Hall’, this one aims at plain comedy trip mocking the skewed future from mental deprogramming to giant shaped bananas.

A clarinet player in 1973 went into hospital for lousy operation and wake up 200 years later in the future full of paranoia. Woody’s futuristic world is full of scientific mockery where anything is possible. Sex is like having daily bath in an electronic chamber machine and politics is a field for mindless revolutions. Woody had done lot of Chaplin sort of slapstick humor along with his self attached neurotic image mocking everything that comes to his mind whether its revolutionary Che Guera or classic ‘A streetcar named desire’ where his muse Diane Keaton played Brando part and he played Vivien Leigh.

In the last scene Keaton asked Woody- “You don’t believe in science and you also don’t believe in political systems work and you don’t believe in God…so then what do you believe in?” And here comes Woody’s fine reply-“Sex and death… two things that come in lifetime.” I think it’s possibly two things he’s obsessed with on and off the screen throughout his life.

Watch the madcap laughter Woody way…


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