Thursday, April 22, 2010


“Love despite what they tell you does not conquer all nor does it even unusually last. In the end romantic aspirations of our youth are reduced to whatever works.”

Woody Allen is probably too old to play lead part in his refreshingly written, directed new comedy. Wow, he’s back again to basics what he’s really good at. Larry David as a delightful alter ego of Woody here plays bald headed limping old man named Boris with all eccentricity, mannerism and body lingo of Woody. Mind me he’s is a great revelation here. He’s narrating story in first person directly addressing to audience throughout the film making us part of his encounters with life. He’s Quantum Physics genius teaching chess t young kids but at heart of this he’s a misanthrope trying to adjust life with whatever works philosophy. He knows damn well that pretty good moments with her too young honey won’t last long.

As a writer, director Woody has stuffed lot of cliché but this time with fresh charm of narration and fine performances. Dialogues are loaded not only with gags-one liners but some of the fine meaningful intelligent lines written ever along with Woody’s passionate wanderlust tour of New York.

Its fine comedy highly recommended to all woody lovers.


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