Saturday, October 18, 2008


It’s tour de force of awesome special effects on grand epic scale. Hellboy is back & with a big bang this time. The movie not only progressed the story of the first part but also introduced certain other interesting characters in this second part. So all those who liked the first part will definitely enjoy this better directed and entertained second part. The best parts of the film are its kickass Computer generated visual effects & the creativity of ogres, demons, goblins & never ever imagined creatures just like Lord of the Rings trilogy & I bet it surely get Oscar for best visual effects. It’s out n out entertainer superhero film I watched this year after The Dark Knight & Iron man. Director Guillermo Del Toro has proved now that he’s next Peter Jackson of Hollywood. We are eagerly looking forward to the third installment of Hellboy.



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Digant said...

Second part has added some more charm in story and make it more exiting. It has very good special effects and good story too. I found, second part is as enjoyable as first part. I dont wana say more about this. Just watch it and feel the thrill.

Ratings - 8.5/10