Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WANTED (2008)

Wanted High testosterone stuff to blow your mind away & high octane bullet shots that swept your senses away & Mind-blowing slow motion cinematography sliding The Matrix Trilogy then just watch WANTED. Its really cool action thriller stuff of the year. Angelina Jolie looks killing hot here in her new slim trim curves & she’s back in her Tomb Rider kind of avatar- beauty & bang. James McAvoy has made his present felt as a hero of the film. But above all its adrenaline pumping stunts, brilliant & razor edge camera work & seat on the edge action sequence which stands ahead everything.
Totally Kickass Entertainer.

Ratings- 7/10


Vikram said...

I don't know why u gave this movie 7/10 Hiren, but i found it really dumb...
especially their theories on shooting bullets... totally foolish!

Digant said...

It's a total timepass movie where u have to put ur brein out of movie hall. It has good action scenes and few twists in story r good, otherwise this movie has noting but fentacies.

Ratings - 7/10