Friday, October 10, 2008

SEA OF LOVE (1989)

Al Pacino is my favorite one & he is truly God on the screen no matter how bad the movie is. He played the role of frustrated divorced detective investigating a case of a lady serial killer & ends up being in bed with the suspect in la Basic Instinct style. Yes, its looks like that the director want to create another Basic Instinct roping Pacino here but he forgot that the hero of the film was Sharon Stone. The lady suspect of this movie neither looks hot nor she knows even A of acting & that’s mar the undercurrent sexual tension. It fails to deliver either erotica or thrill. Some time poor script limits the performance of great actors. And this is what exactly happens with this film. The title of the movie is truly dubious. In short, B grade movie of A grade actor.
Watch if you r die hard Pacino fan…

Ratings- 6/10

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