Wednesday, October 1, 2008

THE STING (1973)

There is no exaggeration saying that this is the best con movie ever made in Hollywood. It’s a winner of 7 academy awards including Best Picture. Director George Roy Hill has created the 30’s Newyork & Chicago came alive with all realistic sets which gave it the feel even today. I mean it when I say- I never seen such a perfect planned con & double cross in any movie better than this till day and every time I watch it again I enjoyed it better.
Redford united Paul to seek revenge against Robert Shaw who killed one of his old master & Paul’s friend. How the combo made the greatest con is really amazing surprise package to watch.
Paul Newman’s character of veteran conman Henry in this film is the best one of his career in my opinion. Redford again proved perfect young crook & buddy under his con-master Newman. Even Robert Shaw played his character of crime lord-Lonnagan perfectly well but I think the real hero of the film is its gripping & faultless tight script. Pay your ears to evergreen classic Piano Rags in the opening titles & throughout the background of the film composed by Scott Joplin-my all-time favorite one.

Ratings- 10/10

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Digant said...

I am firmly agree with u my friend. Ir's A TRUE GOLD. No more words.

Must be watched.

Ratings - 11/10