Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The movie opens with slow post killing scene in early morning. Then we lead into a life of happy go lucky family and witness how one by one every member of the family turned their heads into the violence with nerve wrenching situational fix. No, it’s not just another bloody gory violent movie. It’s tragic tale of a common American family forced by fate into violence.
David Cronenberg is genius film maker & in this movie he attempted to get into the skin of violence through human psychology. Deep inside our social layer there exists a wild beast from the time of evolution. No matter how hell we tried, we are helpless to control our past & its basic instincts. The movie is full of some awesome performances by Viggo Mortenson (he had played well nuanced gr8 underdog here), Ed Harris in tailor made role for him & William Hurt (having just 10 minutes mind blowing presence as Ritchie in the climax).Cronenberg doesn’t dumb down the audience but enjoys the complexities of human reactions to the issues of identity, violence & society’s defined moral codes about violence. It’s undoubtedly one of the best film of 2005.


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Digant said...

This is a good movie with simple predictable story. Story goes very simple,doesnt allow to wait for next scene. Action scenes r good and very convincing. Each charactors r so controled, but one scene of love making i didnt find necessary, according to me. May be it's there to make situration light among so many confusions & tension.
Anyways, I didn't find anything new in this movie, still it's worth to watch. It's not boring.

Ratings - 7/10