Friday, October 3, 2008


“Remember the court doesn’t exist to give you justice, the court gives you a chance to justice,” Said Frankie.
Frankie is old & on verge of retirement and almost lost his glory as an attorney under severe booze fixation. He got the most complicated case which turned & compelled him towards transformation. A girl given wrong anesthesia by two reputed doctors made her permanently lost in comma. The case is the hardest to crack & the opponents were big sharks of the society. Compensation money to drop the case was raised so hefty that even clients wanted to withdraw the case but not Frankie. This is the spark of plot.
Let me tell you honestly that this is the most different, intense and restraint character played by Paul Newman in his entire career and directed by master of thrilling dramas Sidney Lumet. Newman won best actor academy award for this role & its sure shot with his towering performance as attorney. Like every Lumet Movie it serves perfect script written by David Mamet & that’s made it one of the best courtroom classic cinema.

Ratings- 8/10

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