Friday, October 17, 2008


The movie is a cocktail of humor & crime & worth to watch if u want to give some break from serious crime flicks. Its nicely blended with cool buddy chemistry between Downey Jr & Val Kilmer. The only weakness is lack of a strong plot. Robert Downey Jr as a narrator & dumb ass hero fully loaded here as an idiosyncratic funny character with a dark humor supported by Val Kilmer as his buddy detective trainer.
The movie is worth watch if you like RD Jr. & wanna enjoy the fun ride of sex, murder, mystery thrill of an hour & half. The movie is loaded with black humor gags & funny dialogues & situations just like Coen Bros films. Michelle Monaghan looks cute apple pie in the film.
Cool Entertainer.

Ratings-7/ 10


shrutam vijay desai said...

i will watch this movie.

HIREN DAVE said...

sure dude..and if u want dvd just contact me...