Thursday, October 2, 2008


This movie set Paul Newman’s career to superstardom in Hollywood. His arrogant, compulsive drunkard, gifted pool player character is one of the most propelling one. For him poolroom is a church. At the same time his archrival & legendry pool player “Minnesota Fats” played by Jackie Gleason is must watch if you love strong characters in the movie. The movie set in the genre of drama revolves nicely around the pool game. Eddie (Newman) is arrogant hustler winning bets all over the poolrooms along with staunch support from his buddy Charlie. With the entry of Fats (Gleason) unbeaten in 15 years, Eddie’s charm overshadowed. Eddie lost against him & keep on losing till everything till he lost last penny. He learnt a half lesson & the other half taught to him by her girlfriend Sarah with her sacrifice. And then he won’t rest until he beat Minnesota Fats in final game climax after paying heavy price of losing her girl. Little bit of editing in middle part is what required to make it more compact one. Gr8 pool game with awesome act of all lead players.

Ratings- 9/10

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