Thursday, January 1, 2009

DOSTANA (2008)

There are 3 reasons why I watched the film-
1) It’s not Karan Johar directed film
2) I want to see Abhishek’s comic act
3) I want to see a good romantic comedy
Congrats Karan for not directing this. Karan Johar loves to ridicule the audience. That happened with his last directed film- KANK. The good thing about this film is he is not director here & the bad thing about the film is he is producer. Karan is always in dilemma- he wants to make conventional family entertainers & at the same time also tries to attempt modernity in his films. He was confused at peak when he made KANK & made the audience more confused. So far so good. With some fresh & innovative directors’ entry in Bollywood, now audience shifted his taste to single malt rather than blended whiskey of Johar-Chopra camp.
He attempted in this film with premise of gay relationship here & debunks it with a pretending couple just to get a rented home. Thank god the cool chemistry of John-Abhishek works & they attempted it with the best of their abilities to pool the audience among all other mash. Boman & Kiron Kher continued their loud act. How many Mother India accepts gay couple for her laadla like Kiron Kher is something questionably irritating. Priyanka is not fine actress but she can be one if she quit doing this sort of baby doll roles just to be a part of Johar’s camp. And what else she got for performance here except wearing heavy make up & revealing costumes & bouncing between trio-yes Bobby Deol is also there.
It’s advisable to Karan Johar , Subhash Ghai & Aditya Chopra to declare retirement as director. They can be great producers if they give chances to some new talents od new age film makers without interrupting their creativity with their own whims & fancies of movie making. All of three have at least one such success in their account. For Karan its ‘KHNH’(directed by Nikhil Adwani), for Ghai its ‘Iqbal’( directed by Nagesh Kukunoor) & for Aditya its ‘Chak De India’( directed by Shimit Amin)

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