Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Due to the bad sector in electromagnetic spectrum, a mysterious signal is being transmitted through all electronic devices like radios, cell phones, television…etc & those who hear or see becomes violently crazy just like zombies & everything is under anarchy, chaos & panic. The film covered in 3 different parts as transmission 1, 2 & 3 & all 3 parts are directed by 3 different directors. It’s neither a zombie flick nor a gory horror flick. In spite of its lower budget feel & hackneyed subject what made it an interesting one to continue is it’s unfolding style of revelation of a single story with 3 parts which keeps your head busy as soon as you complete the first & start the second. It’s the only this thing which makes me complete this otherwise crap nonsense flick full of scenes where decapitated head is talking, bloody faces are moving. I love intrigue in the film but I don’t understand director’s psychological view after watching it. The movie really scratched my head hard & probably for the most of the audience.
Watch it at your own risk. It will surely screw & scratch your head simultaneously.


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