Friday, January 9, 2009

NISHABD (2007)

Life is not what you believe, what you expected; it’s rather opposite. To live life should one rely on instincts or conscience? Instinct is pure natural & so without logic & conscience or morality is something acquired & accepted programming of mind- a part where right & wrong is justified. What happens when instinct collides with conscience in your choice, what choice you make? Sometimes vulnerability & passion of instinct can destroy all that you have built over the years. Love, when it comes, no matter how irrational, makes rationality take aback seat. An individual’s emotions cannot be controlled by the expectations of society. What a brilliant message & what a brilliant made film by Ramgopal Verma.
Watch this Ramgopal Verma film & it compels you to think hard once you complete it.
Nishabd is a tragic story of a repenting man who listened to his natural instincts instead of moral side of conscience in a situation. It’s out & out mature cinema & one of the most accomplished film from one of the finest film maker of current India - Ramgopal Verma.
There are no words to express my gratitude towards Mr.Bachchan for this role, his intense acting & those countless million dollar expressions in this film. This is again most difficult role to gain audience sympathy & yes, he proved why still he is invincible in his acting & Baap of all. More than the scripted part of the film, I like the direct screen confessional narration of Amitabh which made the audience to get inside the skin of the character & made it more subjective rather than observe it from the objective point of view. Watch his crying confession in the last scene & tell me honestly is there any other Indian actor who can deliver such an intensity to the character as him!!! He is not playing character, he be the one.
Jiah is novice in acting as it’s her debut movie & she’s gave noticeable performance but more than her act it’s her boldness of character which is such an infectious that anyone can carried away to her. It’s her characteristic unpredictability of boldness & uncommonness (internally & externally) which really made me love to fantasize about a kind of girl I would love to meet. Revathi & Nasser are two mature actors of south Indian cinema & they have also played their parts with their natural flair.
Ramu you made me really nishabd (speechless). This is again my second screening of the film. And the reason is the movie created the same strong impression in my mind during its 1st watch. I recommended it to one of my close my friend & said that in a situation like this I would also possible for me or for any mature man to get carried away by instinct. I gave him a VCD to watch it yesterday & he messed his review with his own moral codes & character analysis of the movie’s protagonist. I don’t feel sad because he messed his opinion but feel disturbed that he didn’t get the point of the film or my opinion. Today I watched it 2nd time & I will still like to retain my statement on every account. Now again this sort of purely experimental movie (which is just a frame of reference) is only a director & man like RGV can do justice. It’s more convincing & more intense & darker than ‘Jogger’s Park’, fresh & entertaining ‘Chini Kum’or Ben Kingsley-Penelope Cruz starrer ‘Elegy’ (2008).
It’s one of the most sound, serious & maturely made landmark film of the RGV.

If you haven’t watch it, you are seriously missing a gem.


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