Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One of the most awaited film of the year for me. The reason is my favorite director- Sam Mendes directed one of the mesmerizing must watch chemistry of all-time- Leonardo & Kate.
And yes he delivered a film which blows your senses away.
‘Man proposes & God disposes’ said Hardy & it’s true in the case of the finest couple here. Frank is an executive & April is near perfect house wife. The couple is mature & wanted to re ignite the spark of their love once again to their itchy life. April is mature housewife & Frank is responsible family man. What she wanted is to raise above their lives from ordinary monotonous fixed daily life & to live lives on the terms of what exactly one wants from life. But as it’s well said that- “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
Its story of a couple chasing an American dream in 1955 & what they got is tragedy harder to live or die; & the aftermath is even more dark side of the life. It’s brilliantly scripted & executed film telling a dangling story of couple between ordinary & extraordinary. Much higher is the message when the delusional love between the couple breaks with the mentally retarded intruder. The dark face of reality is mirrored by an insane!!! What an irony of life!!!
Kate Winslet has acted again brilliantly. She was nominated four times at this young age & would not wonder if I find her name in the nominations for best actress this year but surely wonder if she won’t win this time. Leo is just improving & surprising the audience with his powerful & intense role playing performance with every next film. He is brilliant here too.
In every Mendes film cinematography plays the real aesthetic & significant integral role to heighten the approach of theme. Conrad Hall is my favorite cinematographer & Mendes has got the best creative cinematography by legendary Conrad Hall in his first two masterpieces- ‘American Beauty’ & ‘Road to Perdition’ but now Hall is no more. But Roger Deakins is also one of the finest one & he has not let me feel the vacuum of Conrad Hall in this film.
A devastatingly heart breaking film & yeah Sam Mendes I expect some happy ending here- something antidote to sad romantic ending of ‘Titanic’ here but you disappointed me. Next time make it end with happy notes; can’t bear tragic end to such lovely characters.

Strongly recommended.


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