Friday, January 16, 2009


Based on true story, Defiance is 1941 drama tells the story of 3 Jew Brothers of Poland, who narrowly escape certain death at the hand of Nazis, vowed to take revenge of their near & dear ones by bringing together their fellow men. It’s their aim of life to fight back to the force who is trying to exterminate their race. Survival is their big problem among rough woods, indifferent weather, crisis of food & medicine but they have the biggest weapon with them- Courage. The film is a nice tribute to Jew spirit who fought their struggle with all odds & made history of their race.
The film is made by Edward Zwick, who gave films like ‘Blood Diamond’ & ‘The Last Samurai’. Zwick knows very well how to combine action with intense drama & he has maintained justice to it in this film also. One thing I like about Zwick is that he never glorify the action. The action always remained a demand of script in his films. The movie is shot almost in the dense surrounding forest maintaining both engaging action & tense drama between Germans & Jews. The film also portrayed the strength of community bonding under the critical period.
It’s well made film but the problem with the film is- It does not rise above in theme, plot & screenplay & gave you the feeling of seen it all. Besides the film also fumbles in grip in the later half part.
The first time I’ve seen Daniel Craig in such an intense leading character (shedding his 007 image far behind) with balancing his character at his best. Although the character he played remains inconsistent, he gave it his fair trial. He’s finely supported by Liev Schreiber as his high tempered brother who took the side with Russian army.

No harm in watching once.


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