Monday, January 5, 2009

ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER (Spanish) (1999)

It’s my first Pedro Almodovar film & frankly he made me speechless. It’s too serious film & So many things which he portrayed in the film are totally remote for us- like transsexual prostitutes but it’s more over a heart wrenching story of the woman & that’s something universal about the film. The film looks like Almodovar’s tribute to the women.
Its story of a single mother who lost his 17 year old son in an accident, on his birthday. It’s loss of lifetime from her. She didn’t reveal anything about his father to his son. She donated her son’s heart for the needy one who requires it for transplantation. After the death of her son , she went to Barcelona to meet the father of her lost son. She met a transvestite hooker who is the father of the son. The irony is - the father himself is unaware of it & when he knew it’s too late to even see his face alive.
There is a sub plot of a beautiful nun who got unwanted pregnancy from her boyfriend who has AIDS. As the film progresses further in the last 20 minutes, it’s turning more & more dark & intense in situations, scenes & characters. One of the famous American modern tragedy drama – ‘A street car named desire’ is very significantly interwoven in the life of central character. If you haven’t gone through the drama yet than watch it’s classic movie version with one of the best act of Marlon Brando& Vivien Leigh by the same title.
Cecilia Roth has done brilliant act here in a lead role & she played the role with great finesse. The film garnered so many Awards including coveted Academy Award in best Foreign Language film & surely worthy of it.
Recommended to all world cinema lovers.

Ratings- 8/10

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