Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The underground secret city was designed to protect human race from the dooms day with 200 years lock in period in a secret box. Nobody knew what the secret is. It was fixed that the box will be passed on to its successor mayors of the city years after years until one day the chain is broken. The box opened as fixed after 200 years. Its journey of how the secret is unrevealed & How Lina & Harrow (lead teenage characters) of dark city find a way to the real world of natural light.
The movie is based on false premise & so the city of ember looks like just an attempt to amuse the fantastic production design. Frequent generator power falters & usual blackouts just hammer throughout the film. I don’t understand what Billy Crystal & Tim Robbins are doing in this film. They played card board characters here. The movie is just average on all technical segments including direction.

Ratings- 5/10

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