Monday, January 26, 2009


The film is a saga of the family consists of three brothers, a father & a lady fighting against all odds tested by time & fate. Set on pastoral background in the period of 1915. Its one of the finest emotional epic journey of family & 3 brothers who loved the same woman. How each time fate played disposing role for Susannah to live as a beloved of all 3 bros with different phases of her life & destiny is a real irony of her life. Its kind of movie which stays with you with some topnotch performances of all lead cast – Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins & Julia Ormond. Pitt has done superb justice to Tristan & it’s one of his most memorable role for all Pitt lovers.
There are several plus points of film- splendid cinematography, soul stirring background score, wonderfully written dialogues, nice screenplay, heartbreaking scenes & most significantly classic climax & end which lefts you with a feeling of watching a finely made film. It’s one of the best directed film of Edward Zwick. For All Zwick fans who watched his ‘Blood Diamond’ & ‘Defiance’, this is don’t miss material. I don’t know about the other opinions but I will love to watch it again for its timeless appeal.


Ratings- 8/10

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Vikram said...

yes it's really one of the most touching movies ever... the relationship between the three brothers & the relationship of the father and his son are all portrayedvery beautifully. although i didn't like the character of the heroine (julia ormond). very good visuals are a real plus point of this film. overall a really good movie