Thursday, January 8, 2009


16 year old Poppy has always got what she wanted & lived pampered life in her LA world. She got a credit card papa who fulfills her every demand. But Poppy is problem for her papa ‘coz of her wild acts. Papa dear shifted her to new boarding school in England. Poppy has to fight a tough war this time with strict & disciplinarian Headmistress, raunchy & bully head girl & innumerable laws & regulations to fit her in the school. It’s more inner struggle for her than outer one & she transformed herself too.But right then she got into fix with a jealous head girl. But she proved her worth again & this time with winning a tournament for her school.
It’s an average teen movie with a moral & no big miss if you skip it. But let me tell you about the new teen discovery - Emma Roberts who looks sheer & fresh beauty here & she’s the only reason I continued watching movie till the end. She played both her acts of spoiled teen beauty & transformed nice girl cutie with aplomb.


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