Sunday, January 25, 2009

FARGO (1996)

This is absolutely classic Coen Bros film & a masterly told story of a car salesman (William h.Macy) desperately needs money. The only rescue is his rich father-in –law. He hires two bump heads to kidnap his wife & get ransom amount. Initially everything worked as planned but as film progressed we come to witness the big rounds of blunders in form of several unplanned murders. To make the things worse comes an expecting lady cop (Frances McDormand) & the plot sizzles further to entertain the audience with all trademark style of Coens- an offbeat humor & unconventional thrill.
Our Bollywood has ripped off the plot & made its Indian version in ‘Love ke liye Kuch bhi karega’. Watch the original version & m sure you like the execution of the film.
It’s Frances who steals the show in her outstanding performance with her quirky facial expressions & detailing of her character & that’s reason enough why she got Oscar for the same film in Best actress category. The film also get for another Academy trophy for its awesome & off the hook original screenplay by Coen Bros.
The chilling atmosphere of snow covered town is simply creating a mood for the film with A grade cinematography by Roger Deakins.
The best Coen Bro. film ever & out n out entertaining flick.

Must watch.


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