Monday, January 12, 2009


Taking into the consideration of its script the movie is mammoth task on production & technical level & many legendary directors including Spielberg & Kubrick who turned down the project based on the short story of renowned American writer F.Scott Fitzgerald. And after watching this I must say it may be the later half part of the script which becomes so complex to direct for any director & abstractly indigestive for the audience too. Anyway what is a letdown for them is project of prestige for director David Fincher & this is the most ambitious project of Fincher. His combination with Brad Pitt works always & it always give us some of the finest performances of Pitt – remember ‘Se7en’ & cult classic psychological thriller ‘Fight Club’.

The movie is a remarkable life story on screen. Benjamin Button, an unusual child born as 80 year old man just after First World War & he’s unwanted child due to his this strange miracle of god. It was destined for him to survive & so he proceeds to grow younger reverse in order. He met his love- Daisy in his course of life. The love doesn’t meet its end & yet it remains eternal. The tragedy with their love is as one is growing younger the other is growing older. But like any other man he’s helpless to stop the time. Its story of his life, love & learning experiences, his encounters with different people, places & situations. It’s these innumerable refined experiences which remain beyond the concept of time & death. The movie narrated in a first person narrative resembles a lot similar to ‘Forrest Gump’ (especially living with the all the personal dilemmas & complexities of life Benjamin is helpless just like memorable Forrest Gump) And why can’t it be when the movie has same screenplay writer- Eric Roth. He has again done commendable work here- turning the complex script into a simple & yet adorable screenplay. The movie is lengthy & so it required a lot of patience from the audience side. A nice background score & lesser flat dialogues would have been possibly missing requirement in its overall coloring.

The movie has once again brilliant performances of Brad Pitt & Cate Blenchett & all technical grounds movie scores points. For Fincher it’s accomplished master work, although it’s not as engrossing as his earlier masterpieces- ‘Se7en’ or ‘Fight Club’. But I must say his movie making is touching new heights with every next movie he’s making & this is Fincher’s achievement of visual treat in grand epic style.

Recommended watch.



Jatin said...

Its hilarious! U r really a good critic.

HIREN DAVE said...

nice to see u...R u the colleague Jatin or somebody else ???

Jatin said...

Oye Yaar the same old jatin(BIPSWALA)

HIREN DAVE said...

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yale great lakes said...

Thanks for recommending me this movie. It was indeed a learning experience to watch this movie. Films such as this makes its audience grow mature and humble. A different perspective on life altogether.
Thanks for recommending me this movie personally. I hope you will keep recommending such compelling cinema personally.