Friday, January 23, 2009


I know many of you won’t have heard about the film. Same was my case but after watching I must say it’s one of the fine surprising Indian film I’ve seen this year. The movie is suggested to me by a close friend of mine. Its movie is produced by NFDC & directed by an independent director named Arindam Nandy who made his debut film. The brilliant idea of the film lies in its conceptualization & execution of simple plot of missing husband convoluted with the multiple interpretations & analysis of the friends gathered to share the evening on a rainy night enjoying their drinks & cigarettes in the drawing room. I haven’t seen Kurosawa’s classic ‘Rashomon’ yet but read the story & may be it influence the director or screenplay writer to draft a plot like this.
It’s presentation of the concept which overwhelmed me. Second comes performances of assembled cast - I mean this guys don’t look like they’re acting in front of camera. Here’s list- Kay Kay Menon, Sonali Kulkarni, Rajat kapoor, Sandhya Mrudul, Pravin Dabas, Simone Singh, Prashant Narayanan & the discovery of rare talent- Vinay Pathak . He is really surprising me with every other character he represents.
This is the film where even the viewer is part of the film & that happens in especially in the end which left open to the audience to imagine & interpret their own analysis of who’s behind the door? Well it’s not out & out mystery film if that’s what you expect.
Like me many will surprised with the incomplete ending & that’s reason enough to criticize the film for all but personally I think that this is the reason which separated it from other formulae masala films of Bollywood & that’s the reason I added one more point in my ratings.

Highly Recommended.

Ratings- 8/10

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