Saturday, January 31, 2009

SYRIANA (2005)

The movie brings the geopolitical nexus between Middle East countries & US with the subplot of the merger between two leading oil companies. Middle East always remains the hot spot which remains volatile to US Security. The movie projects many facets of this disturbing reality in the name of power politics. Its clash of not only politics between different countries but culture, ideologies & invested interests. Immigrant situations of Pakistanis are also portrayed with depth.
The director ensembles huge star cast to cover the complex political plot rigmarole.
Talking about the performances-its George Clooney, who steals the show with his suave expressions in the multi-star cast of Matt Damon, Chris Cooper, Christopher Plummer, Jeffery Wright, Amanda Peet & William Hurt.
The movie is worth to watch for the audience who likes to watch Political thrillers & who enjoyed films like ‘Traffic’ or ‘Crash’. The movie gives me feel of watching Steven Soderbergh film but it’s directed by Stephen Gaghan & it’s really an appreciable effort.

Ratings- 7/10

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