Saturday, January 31, 2009


It’s breakthrough of the year with the entry of a promising debut director- Zoya Akhtar.
Along with direction, she also wrote the story & that’s makes it more interesting one.
The story moves around the lives of two strugglers who needs a break in Bollywood, where one knows how to grasp the chance, the other struggles with her ill luck but ultimately made their own mark in the industry. I must say its nice attempt by Zoya.
The movie has some really appreciable upside & some flipsides too.
- Sound acting by lead pair- cool & confident Farhan & always natural Konkona. Both of them delivered amazing performance.
- Beauty rediscovered- Isha Sarwani ( Remember Ghai’s Superflop film ‘Kisna’ just wasted a talented & promising actress.) She just mesmerized me with her flexible body tricks & moves in otherwise sucking ‘Kisna’ & here she looks the cutest chubby beauty.
- Detailing of the inside Hindi film industry with some fine nuances & clichés.
- Superb Cinematography & Art direction
- Few cool tracks by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy.
- The missing of sound editing. Second half required it more than the first one.
- Unnecessary cameos of industry biggies. (Only SRK’s cameo seems worthy one…)
- Rishi-Dimple-Sanjay-Juhi Co. really seems unbearable & stretched the story part.
- Hrithik failed to his usual charm or impression even though having his trademark dance steps.
- The climax & the end of the film seems just wind up process of good script.

Still I must say its movie worth to watch once.

Ratings- 7/10

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