Saturday, January 17, 2009


Opposites attract. Two divorce lawyers pitted against each other with a fine screen chemistry between Julianne Moore & Pierce Brosnan. Both of them are trying to outsmart each other on & off the courts. There is a room for nice romantic comedy with a script like this & fine actors like Moore & Brosnan but the movie crumbled it on wrong directions. I was expecting a fine romantic comedy from this but I found it into bits & pieces. So romance started casting its spell with a romantic palace in a situational divorce case between them. They got married under intoxication, realized the blunder. But the blunder is a sweet beginning of living together & everything ends well when you realized that you are in love.
Julianne looks stunningly beautiful in very few movies & this is one of them & she has acted well again as insecure lawyer but as it’s below the average script & screenplay so the performance remained a wasted attempt even though she tried hard to push it forward.
Thank God director made it ends with some sentimental stuff; it felt probable & meaningful at last at least.

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