Saturday, January 10, 2009


The movie is based on true story & it has certain resemblance with the case of ‘Zodiac’- an intriguing thriller by David Fincher. But in case of this movie it lacks treatment, grip or a thrill required from a nice thriller/suspense genre film. The protagonist is heroine here is a cop here & she’s suffering from Schizophrenia with multiple hallucination & disorganized behavior & she’s trying to solve a mystery of a serial alphabet killer. The obsession leads her to mess her personal life & career. She plans to get her job done & meet something unexpected. There are so many faultlines in the film-i.e most of the investigation scenes are almost mediocre & monotonous, Eliza Dushku has a pretty charming face but where are the expressions on her face when she’s playing such a complex character?, the movie fails to rise above a monotonous B grade thrill.
Director Rob Schmidt made really scary 7 thrilling ‘Wrong Turn’ & here he attempted to do different with hallucination turned detective cop film but that’s becomes the real trouble with the film.
Don’t mess your 100 minutes. Avoid it.


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