Monday, February 9, 2009


“The reality is…we do not know what went wrong or what went right. What we do know is as the chemical window closed, another awakening took place. That the human spirit is more powerful than any drug and that is what need to be nourished- with work, play, friendship, family. These are the things that matters. This is what we had forgotten. The simplest things.”

What a simple & yet brilliant message & what a brilliant movie!!!
Hollywood’s two legendary actors- Robert De Niro & Robin Williams worked together in this lesser viewed but brilliantly made film based on a real story. And without any exaggeration I must admit it’s the performances of these two actors which carried the film to the higher scales.

It’s the wonderful sensitive plot which is the reason to watch this film. Williams is a new entry as a neurologist doctor in Bainbridge Hospital dealing with the almost comma patients. They all are in comma for decades without a sign of hope or cures. When he finds a possible new chemical drug which may cure the patients, he tried one on its patient & it works too. But when the patient awakes, he is now an adult having gone into comma in his early teens. Is it possible to keep him & others in the same condition? Well, I would spoil the film if I say anything further. Two thumbs up for Director Perry Marshall for his execution of this delicate touchy film with such a lesser known wonderful fact based script.
Williams has proved that even though he’s generally telecasted as comedian, he‘s brilliant actor in serious character roles too & this is the paragon of his consummate performance. And what should I say about great De Niro. You have seen his method acts in ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Raging Bulls’ & ‘Goodfellas’. But hey if you haven’t seen his method act in this then you are seriously missing a gem performance of his method act. Leonard of this film is surely his one of the 5 best performances.
Williams was nominated for best actor along with the Best film & Best screenplay. De Niro won Golden Globe for Best Actor & Both the actors were awarded Best actors trophy by National Board of Review, USA.

Highly Recommended.


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